The History of ALL NATIONS CHAMPIONS CHURCH dates back to 2000 when Pastor Charles held a bible study with six people in their living room. Very quickly what started with a few people, grew to many and could no longer be contained in their home. It was not long after that the Lord spoke to Pastor Charles to begin a church whose vision would touch the World.

In July 2001, one-hundred and one people showed up for the first service at the Marriott Ballroom and from then until now the presence of the Lord has met them every Tuesday and Sunday. Through the miracle working power of God they have witnessed, Souls saved, lives touched, bodies and minds healed. And by the Grace of God, hundreds meet every week to hear the Word and experience the glory of God through Praise and Worship.


In a short time the need to move to a more versatile location began to intensify. In just a few months CHAMPIONS CHURCH moved to the gymnasium of D.D. Kirkland Elementary and quickly grew to over two-hundred men, woman and children. The young church soon out grew the space and in desperation begin to consider a vacant Wal-Mart building. The church move was not without challenges, after signing the lease and announcing the move to the congregation the City blocked the move to the facility and challenged CHAMPIONS CHURCH at City Hall. The counsel illegally denied the church access to the property and the church was left seemingly with no options. Then the miracles began to happen with a phone call about a property available that better suited the needs of the church. Immediately, God then granted the ministry access to the property at 4501 N. Meridian Ave. and it was purchased two years later.


Today the momentum of growth continues with over 1500 regular attendees and currently expanding through the next phase of building development.