Dean: Dr. Leslie Reed



Do you desire to know your purpose? Is there a tugging on your heart for ministry, business, and or leadership? If so, ILI is the place where your journey to your destiny begins.




Integrity Leadership Institute (ILI) is an educational program that equips and empowers believers for leadership, ministry, and business.In just short 10 months,you will be forever changed as these college level courses help define and align God's calling on your life.


"Integrity Leadership Institute, Where Leaders Are Developed and Champions Are Built!"

ILI offers:

• Casual atmosphere
• Class sessions and experiences that encourage, challenge, and empower you
• Thought provoking messages based on the Bible
• Teaching from Senior Pastors, Charles and Paula Martin, as well as other anointed men and women of God
• A personalized education focusing on service, leadership, and spiritual growth
• Worship opportunities
• Fun teachings with life applications
• Friendly people who hang out and chat weekly via e-interaction classes
• Servant leadership opportunities to gain "hands-on" experience
• The next steps to help you follow Jesus


Offering the best in Bible training and ministry instruction, our mission is to equip the people of God to function effectively in the vocation wherein they have been called. Whether you are a minister, teacher, missionary, evangelist, administrator, intercessor, lay leader, or musician matters not. All can find a place here at the Integrity Leadership Institute! And when you do, you can rest assured that you will receive the sound doctrine, theological training, revelation knowledge, and practical tools needed to fulfill life and ministry in a spirit of excellence.

Our classes here are anointed and our instructors are Spirit-filled. Yes, the courses are academically and, often times, spiritually challenging, but given the right amount of commitment, attentiveness, and effort from you, we are convinced that they will prove to be some of the most valuable teaching you will ever receive an educational program that equips and empowers believers for leadership and ministry with respect to:

- academic excellence that cultivates character
- student success and welfare
- personalized education that encourages service, leadership, and spiritual growth
- local community and economic development
- cultural leadership in our community and state


Integrity Leadership Institute (ILI) is an educational program that equips and empowers believers for leadership and ministry. It is a 10 month college level course that is held during the Fall and Spring semesters that help define and align interns with God’s calling on their lives.

In general, the curriculum includes instruction in biblical discipleship, church ministries, ministry etiquette, personal skill development, Christian growth fundamentals, leadership dynamics, and ministry development. The curriculum incorporates books of best-selling Christian authors and teaching of guest speakers with specialty ministries. These provide perspective and added dimension to class instruction.

Integrity Leadership Institute (ILI) differs from the typical religious educational course as interns get “hands-on” experience in various areas of ministry such as church administration, facilities and maintenance, music and fine arts, pre-worship service planning, hospital and nursing home visitation, telephone outreach, tape ministry and food/clothing distribution, community evangelism, nursery and children’s ministries, youth ministry, and usher/greeter ministry. This practical experience exposes interns to ministries of which they would otherwise have no knowledge or appreciation and broadens their understanding of the organization necessary to make these ministries successful.

Servant Leadership Internships Learning at ILI extends beyond the classroom and into the life and experiences of students. As they walk with each through the In-House and Off Campus internships, students develop real-life skills for being equipped Ambassadors of Christ.

The Servant Leadership Internship bridges what happens in the classroom with what happens in the real world. The purpose of our field-based education program is to help you develop in these areas:

• BEING: Christ-like Character
• KNOWING: Ministry Knowledge
• RELATING: Relational Skills
• DOING: Ministry Task Skills



Integrity Leadership Institute (ILI) believes the Bible to be the revealed Word of God, inerrant in its original autographs. It is the foundation from which all truth shall be substantiated. ILI has a holistic philosophy of education. The biblical pattern of intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social development is practiced and is the basis for this philosophy. ILI is committed to intellectual growth through consistent application of every available means by which the whole person (spirit, soul, and body) can be developed. Integrity Leadership Institute proposes to equip students with sound doctrine through intensive classroom study, while at the same time building the discipline, vision, and godly character needed by the 21st Century servant-leaders.


Race, class, gender, age, and nationality offer no barrier. Further, students from various Christian denominations may enjoy academic freedom and increased Christian fellowship.

Be it understood that ministry is more walked than taught. Therefore, Integrity Leadership Institute endeavors to integrate its academic programs with practical utilization both in the church and in the community.


Integrity Leadership Institute (ILI)is an independent organization of higher education. It is not affiliated with any denomination in an organizational form. The institute is an expanded vision of Integrity’s Voice of Victory Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The institute policies and doctrines are governed with direct oversight from the pastors and church.

Statement of Purpose

Our mission is to train emerging and existing Christian leaders and workers by building leadership capacity and aiding in the development of the values, character, knowledge, and skills to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

To glorify God and assist the up-building of the Body of Christ by providing education from an evangelical Bible-based view in ways that promote spiritual growth, enhanced biblical insight, and Christian service.

- To enable gradates to communicate the Gospel in ways that will win others to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.
- To empower graduates to expound the Scriptures in a systematic, yet revelatory fashion.
- To promote graduates a genuine concern for missionary efforts around the world, whether as a missionary, partnership, or prayer.
- To ensure gradates demonstrate to present a reasoned defense of his/her faith, which is based on biblical revelation, and stands intellectually and spiritually grounded.
- To promote the graduates ability to apply knowledge that has been acquired.
- To nurture Christian maturity in our graduates that expresses itself in commitment to Christ, to His church, to His under-shepherds, and servants.
- To encourage graduates a lifelong commitment to humility in Christian service, understanding that obedience and cooperation are paramount to growth in ministry and servanthood.
- To admonish a life of every graduate that he/she may live a fulfilled and victorious Christian life.